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MENA / Prices & Performance

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271 funds
Rank ChartFund Group Focus Curr BidOffer6m 1y 3y  
1[+]chartAB Invest Arab Bank MENAAl Arabi Investment GroupEquityUSD10.098.417.336.5add to basket
2[+]chartADCB Al NokhithaAbu Dhabi Commercial BankEquityAED9.5215.853.7161.2add to basket
3[+]chartADCB MSCI Arabian Markets IndexAbu Dhabi Commercial BankEquityUSD8.3215.531.563.9add to basket
4[+]chartADCB MSCI UAE IndexAbu Dhabi Commercial BankEquityAED11.2817.958.2187.2add to basket
5[+]chartAl Ahli GulfAl Ahli Bank of KuwaitEquityKWD1.1111.317.940.4add to basket
6[+]chartAl Ahli KuwaitiAl Ahli Bank of KuwaitEquityKWD0.911.4-2.4-1.4add to basket
7[+]chartAl Dar Fund of FundAl Dar Asset ManagementMixed AssetKWD0.514.28.5-18.7add to basket
8[+]chartAl Dar NokhbaAl Dar Asset ManagementEquityKWD0.453.36.07.4add to basket
9[+]chartAl Dar Real EstateAl Dar Asset ManagementPropertyKWD1.211.22.416.1add to basket
10[+]chartAl Dar SecuritiesAl Dar Asset ManagementEquityKWD0.674.70.517.9add to basket
11[+]chartAl Mal LiquidityAl Mal CapitalMoney MarketAED1.15n/a1.85.5add to basket
12[+]chartAl Mal MENA EquityAl Mal CapitalEquityUSD10.50n/a19.653.3add to basket
13[+]chartAl Mal Saudi Shariah EquityAl Mal CapitalEquityUSD1.230.0n/an/aadd to basket
14[+]chartAl Mal UAE EquityAl Mal CapitalEquityAED1.100.0-1.871.9add to basket
15[+]chartAl Rajhi Commodity EURAl Rajhi Financial ServicesCommodity/EnergyEUR118. to basket
16[+]chartAl Rajhi Commodity SARAl Rajhi Financial ServicesCommodity/EnergySAR142.710.51.13.7add to basket
17[+]chartAl Rajhi Commodity USDAl Rajhi Financial ServicesCommodity/EnergyUSD2,097.360.51.03.7add to basket
18[+]chartAl Rajhi GCC EquityAl Rajhi Financial ServicesEquitySAR149.3321.337.791.9add to basket
19[+]chartAl Rajhi Global EquityAl Rajhi Financial ServicesEquityUSD226.735.817.851.6add to basket
20[+]chartAl Rajhi India China EquityAl Rajhi Financial ServicesEquityUSD11.874.517.116.3add to basket
21[+]chartAl Rajhi Local ShareAl Rajhi Financial ServicesEquitySAR538.0623.939.5104.8add to basket
22[+]chartAl Rajhi MENA Dividend GrowthAl Rajhi Financial ServicesEquitySAR138.0513.724.1n/aadd to basket
23[+]chartAl Rajhi Multi Asset BalancedAl Rajhi Financial ServicesCommodity/EnergyUSD2.353.96.513.5add to basket
24[+]chartAl Rajhi Multi Asset ConservativeAl Rajhi Financial ServicesMixed AssetUSD109.722.64.110.6add to basket
25[+]chartAl Rajhi Multi Asset GrowthAl Rajhi Financial ServicesMixed AssetUSD2.8611.322.040.1add to basket
26[+]chartAl Rajhi Petrochemicals and Cement EquityAl Rajhi Financial ServicesCommodity/EnergySAR13.4516.328.469.7add to basket
27[+]chartAlAhli Global Natural ResourceNCB Capital CompanyCommodity/EnergyUSD1.107.912.1n/aadd to basket
28[+]chartAlAhli SadaqqatNCB Capital CompanyMoney MarketSAR1. to basket
29[+]chartAlbilad Akar SARBank AlbiladPropertySAR0.7316.532.2118.3add to basket
30[+]chartAlbilad Al-Seef KWDBank AlbiladEquityKWD0.500.0-0.7-0.8add to basket
31[+]chartAlbilad Amwal USDBank AlbiladEquityUSD0.8514.422.744.1add to basket
32[+]chartAlbilad Asayil SARBank AlbiladEquitySAR0.6613.122.297.4add to basket
33[+]chartAlbilad Ithmar Shariah Compliant Saudi EquityAlbilad Investement CompanyEquitySAR1.8328.247.7n/aadd to basket
34[+]chartAlbilad Murabaha SARBank AlbiladCommodity/EnergySAR1. to basket
35[+]chartAlgebra Alpha MENA AAlgebra CapitalEquityUSD86.300.724.075.9add to basket
36[+]chartArab African Investment Mgt GozoorArab African Investment MgtFixed InterestEGP12.894.211.8n/aadd to basket
37[+]chartArab Bank IIAB Islamic MenaArab BankEquityUSD6. to basket
38[+]chartArab Bank MENAArab BankMixed AssetUSD8.590.03.016.2add to basket
39[+]chartAudi Arabian OpportunitiesBank AudiEquityUSD18.1726.250.8123.2add to basket
40[+]chartAudi Saudi IndexBank AudiEquitySAR10.0619.532.378.4add to basket
41[+]chartBakheet IPOBakheet Investment GroupEquitySAR2.7956.978.1269.5add to basket
42[+]chartBakheet Qatari Trading EquityBakheet Investment GroupEquitySAR1.7829.447.8n/aadd to basket
43[+]chartBakheet Saudi Trading EquityBakheet Investment GroupEquitySAR2.8328.243.5120.7add to basket
44[+]chartBankMuscat Money MarketBank MuscatMoney MarketOMR1.030.51.1n/aadd to basket
45[+]chartBankMuscat MuscatBank MuscatEquityOMR1.372.55.236.8add to basket
46[+]chartBankMuscat OryxBank MuscatEquityOMR2.0925.548.3133.8add to basket
47[+]chartBarclays Wealth GlobalBeta Portfolio 1 A Acc GBPBarclays Invest Funds (LUX)Mixed AssetGBP12.832.55.211.1add to basket
48[+]chartBarclays Wealth GlobalBeta Portfolio 5 A Acc GBPBarclays Invest Funds (LUX)Mixed AssetGBP17.416.512.132.5add to basket
49[+]chartCAAM Al Badr Murabha USDSaudi Fransi CapitalCommodity/EnergyUSD1.540.30.72.1add to basket
50[+]chartCAAM Al Danah GCC Equity SARSaudi Fransi CapitalEquitySAR19.0021.943.3127.0add to basket
51[+]chartCAAM Al Fursan Equity USDSaudi Fransi CapitalEquityUSD14.586.320.00.8add to basket
52[+]chartCAAM Al Naqaa Asia Growth USDSaudi Fransi CapitalEquityUSD15.189.419.215.1add to basket
53[+]chartCAAM Al Qasr GCC Real Estate & Construction EquitySaudi Fransi CapitalPropertySAR16.5922.833.0132.5add to basket
54[+]chartCAAM Money Market SARSaudi Fransi CapitalMoney MarketSAR25. to basket
55[+]chartCAAM Money Market USDSaudi Fransi CapitalMoney MarketUSD2.590.30.62.1add to basket
56[+]chartCIAM HemayaCommercial International AssetStructured ProductsEGP129.530.03.426.6add to basket
57[+]chartCIAM OsoulCommercial International AssetMoney MarketEGP226.634.09.134.3add to basket
58[+]chartEastspring Inv Greater China Equity A USDEastspring Investments (Lux) SEquityUSD21.3321.3314.612.824.8add to basket
59[+]chartEFG Hermes Al Baraka BankEFG HermesEquityEGP80.709.738.076.6add to basket
60[+]chartEFG Hermes Al MassyEFG HermesMixed AssetEGP116.00-13.31.628.3add to basket
61[+]chartEFG Hermes Al RabehEFG HermesFixed InterestEGP110.800.01.413.3add to basket
62[+]chartEFG Hermes Arab Investment Bank Money MarketEFG HermesMoney MarketEGP14.744.19.834.9add to basket
63[+]chartEFG Hermes Bank AudiEFG HermesMoney MarketEGP15.804.19.434.1add to basket
64[+]chartEFG Hermes Bank of AlexandriaEFG HermesEquityEGP234.889.836.171.9add to basket
65[+]chartEFG Hermes Bank of Alexandria Fixed IncomeEFG HermesFixed InterestEGP15. to basket
66[+]chartEFG Hermes Bank of Alexandria IIEFG HermesMoney MarketEGP20.584.19.434.1add to basket
67[+]chartEFG Hermes Banque Du CaireEFG HermesEquityEGP73.3314.148.398.7add to basket
68[+]chartEFG Hermes Credit Agricole IEFG HermesEquityEGP265.4211.940.780.2add to basket
69[+]chartEFG Hermes Credit Agricole IIEFG HermesEquityEGP126.5129.361.598.6add to basket
70[+]chartEFG Hermes Credit Agricole IIIEFG HermesMoney MarketEGP1, to basket
71[+]chartEFG Hermes EgyptEFG HermesEquityUSD41.5518.373.351.6add to basket
72[+]chartEFG Hermes Egyptian Gulf BankEFG HermesEquityEGP174.7610.541.582.6add to basket
73[+]chartEFG Hermes Faisal Islamic BankEFG HermesEquityEGP93.826.828.146.0add to basket
74[+]chartEFG Hermes Middle East & Developing AfricaEFG HermesEquityUSD33.6714.631.457.7add to basket
75[+]chartEFG Hermes NSGB ThemarEFG HermesMoney MarketEGP188.600.04.828.2add to basket
76[+]chartEFG Hermes Saudi Arabia EquityEFG HermesEquitySAR16.8235.561.7168.6add to basket
77[+]chartEFG Hermes TelecomEFG HermesEquityUSD28.960.0-1.110.3add to basket
78[+]chartEmirates Emerging Market Equity C USDEmirates NBD Asset Managmt LtdEquityUSD10.060.008.9n/an/aadd to basket
79[+]chartEmirates Global Sukuk C Inc USDEmirates NBD Asset Managmt LtdFixed InterestUSD9.920.00n/an/an/aadd to basket
80[+]chartFALCOM Alrabia Real EstateFALCOM Financial ServicesPropertySAR14.910.016.7n/aadd to basket
81[+]chartFALCOM Arab MarketsFALCOM Financial ServicesEquityUSD16.4511.225.275.8add to basket
82[+]chartFALCOM IPOFALCOM Financial ServicesEquitySAR3,657.0828.647.6259.2add to basket
83[+]chartFALCOM Multi AssetFALCOM Financial ServicesMixed AssetSAR12.230.0-3.420.1add to basket
84[+]chartFALCOM SAR MurabahaFALCOM Financial ServicesMoney MarketSAR1. to basket
85[+]chartFALCOM SAR SukukFALCOM Financial ServicesFixed InterestSAR935.370.00.00.0add to basket
86[+]chartFALCOM Saudi EquityFALCOM Financial ServicesEquitySAR2.9020.647.1118.2add to basket
87[+]chartForsa FinancialKuwait Financial CentreEquityKWD1. to basket
88[+]chartGBCM First MazoonGulf Baader Cap Markets SAOCEquityOMR1.268.325.770.6add to basket
89[+]chartGIC Gulf BondGulf Investment CorporationFixed InterestUSD14.280.62.410.9add to basket
90[+]chartGIC KD BondGulf Investment CorporationFixed InterestKWD1.010.0-2.012.0add to basket
91[+]chartGIC PremierGulf Investment CorporationEquityUSD29.549.119.254.7add to basket
92[+]chartGlobal 10 Large Cap IndexGlobal Investment HouseEquityKWD1,295.000.0-0.1-0.8add to basket
93[+]chartGlobal Al Durra IslamicGlobal Investment HouseEquityKWD1, to basket
94[+]chartGlobal Al MamounGlobal Investment HouseEquityKWD627. to basket
95[+]chartGlobal Al NoorGlobal Investment HouseEquitySAR208.270.01.645.9add to basket
96[+]chartGlobal BondGlobal Investment HouseFixed InterestKWD0.850.0-5.24.4add to basket
97[+]chartGlobal DistressedGlobal Investment HouseHedgeUSD170.720.00.0-1.1add to basket
98[+]chartGlobal EPADIGlobal Investment HouseEquityUSD139.538.015.739.3add to basket
99[+]chartGlobal GCC IslamicGlobal Investment HouseEquityUSD133.5421.436.672.1add to basket
100[+]chartGlobal GCC Large CapGlobal Investment HouseEquityUSD145.430.00.242.6add to basket