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404 funds
Rank ChartFund Group Focus Curr BidOffer6m 1y 3y  
1[+]chartAberdeen Islamic Malaysia Equity AAberdeen Islamic Asset ManagemEquityMYR1.248.37.5n/aadd to basket
2[+]chartAberdeen Islamic World Equity AAberdeen Islamic Asset ManagemEquityMYR1.257.011.0n/aadd to basket
3[+]chartAffin 1 iWholesaleAffin Fund Management BerhadMoney MarketMYR1.000.00.0n/aadd to basket
4[+]chartAffin 2-iWholesaleAffin Fund Management BerhadMoney MarketMYR1.000.00.0n/aadd to basket
5[+]chartAffin 3-iWholesaleAffin Fund Management BerhadMoney MarketMYR1.000.00.0n/aadd to basket
6[+]chartAffin 4-iWholesaleAffin Fund Management BerhadMoney MarketMYR1.010.00.1n/aadd to basket
7[+]chartAffin Dana IslamiahAffin Fund Management BerhadMixed AssetMYR0.452.43.621.5add to basket
8[+]chartAffin Islamic EquityAffin Fund Management BerhadEquityMYR0.473.05.731.5add to basket
9[+]chartAffin Islamic Money MarketAffin Fund Management BerhadMoney MarketMYR0.511.52.69.0add to basket
10[+]chartAl Dar Fund of FundAl Dar Asset ManagementMixed AssetKWD0.514.27.1-18.7add to basket
11[+]chartAl Dar NokhbaAl Dar Asset ManagementEquityKWD0.453.36.87.4add to basket
12[+]chartAl Dar SecuritiesAl Dar Asset ManagementEquityKWD0.674.76.017.9add to basket
13[+]chartAl Rajhi Commodity EURAl Rajhi Financial ServicesCommodity/EnergyEUR118. to basket
14[+]chartAl Rajhi Commodity SARAl Rajhi Financial ServicesCommodity/EnergySAR142.800.51.13.7add to basket
15[+]chartAl Rajhi Commodity USDAl Rajhi Financial ServicesCommodity/EnergyUSD2,098.460.51.03.7add to basket
16[+]chartAl Rajhi GCC EquityAl Rajhi Financial ServicesEquitySAR151.5723.042.893.5add to basket
17[+]chartAl Rajhi GCC Shares Capital Protected (90%)Al Rajhi Financial ServicesStructured ProductsSAR111.500.00.016.8add to basket
18[+]chartAl Rajhi Global EquityAl Rajhi Financial ServicesEquityUSD224.635.713.847.0add to basket
19[+]chartAl Rajhi India China EquityAl Rajhi Financial ServicesEquityUSD11.874.89.417.5add to basket
20[+]chartAl Rajhi Local ShareAl Rajhi Financial ServicesEquitySAR548.2522.742.1101.4add to basket
21[+]chartAl Rajhi Local Shares Capital Protected (90%)Al Rajhi Financial ServicesStructured ProductsSAR115. to basket
22[+]chartAl Rajhi MENA Dividend GrowthAl Rajhi Financial ServicesEquitySAR139.4913.727.2n/aadd to basket
23[+]chartAl Rajhi Multi Asset BalancedAl Rajhi Financial ServicesCommodity/EnergyUSD2.364.06.813.9add to basket
24[+]chartAl Rajhi Multi Asset ConservativeAl Rajhi Financial ServicesMixed AssetUSD109.902.64.110.6add to basket
25[+]chartAl Rajhi Multi Asset GrowthAl Rajhi Financial ServicesMixed AssetUSD2.8712.021.141.5add to basket
26[+]chartAl Rajhi Petrochemicals and Cement EquityAl Rajhi Financial ServicesCommodity/EnergySAR13.7920.134.568.3add to basket
27[+]chartAlAhli Asia Pacific Trading EquityNCB Capital CompanyEquityUSD1.3210.511.134.5add to basket
28[+]chartAlAhli Diversified Saudi Riyal TradeNCB Capital CompanyCommodity/EnergySAR1. to basket
29[+]chartAlAhli Diversified US Dollar TradeNCB Capital CompanyCommodity/EnergyUSD1. to basket
30[+]chartAlAhli Emerging Markets Trading EquityNCB Capital CompanyEquityUSD1.359.512.511.3add to basket
31[+]chartAlAhli Euro MurabahatNCB Capital CompanyCommodity/EnergyEUR1. to basket
32[+]chartAlAhli Europe Trading EquityNCB Capital CompanyEquityUSD3. to basket
33[+]chartAlAhli GCC Growth and IncomeNCB Capital CompanyEquitySAR1.8016.031.0n/aadd to basket
34[+]chartAlAhli GCC Trading EquityNCB Capital CompanyEquitySAR1.2820.037.692.2add to basket
35[+]chartAlAhli Global Natural ResourceNCB Capital CompanyCommodity/EnergyUSD1.062.65.9n/aadd to basket
36[+]chartAlAhli Global Real EstateNCB Capital CompanyPropertyUSD1.020.02.425.8add to basket
37[+]chartAlAhli Global Trading EquityNCB Capital CompanyEquityUSD2.783.68.926.9add to basket
38[+]chartAlAhli Healthcare Trading EquityNCB Capital CompanyEquityUSD2.062.421.978.4add to basket
39[+]chartAlAhli International TradeNCB Capital CompanyCommodity/EnergyUSD2.500.20.61.8add to basket
40[+]chartAlAhli Saudi Dynamic Trading Equity ANCB Capital CompanyEquitySAR1.230.414.035.8add to basket
41[+]chartAlAhli Saudi Mid-Cap EquityNCB Capital CompanyEquitySAR2.3526.850.7149.2add to basket
42[+]chartAlAhli Saudi Riyal TradeNCB Capital CompanyCommodity/EnergySAR1.740.20.61.8add to basket
43[+]chartAlAhli Saudi Trading EquityNCB Capital CompanyEquitySAR11.9020.939.798.1add to basket
44[+]chartAlAhli Small Cap Trading EquityNCB Capital CompanyEquityUSD1.68-5.8-1.610.6add to basket
45[+]chartAlAhli US Dollar Sukuk and MurabahaNCB Capital CompanyMixed AssetUSD1. to basket
46[+]chartAlAhli US Trading EquityNCB Capital CompanyEquityUSD3.32-1.710.851.2add to basket
47[+]chartAlbilad Akar SARBank AlbiladPropertySAR0.7310.339.4113.4add to basket
48[+]chartAlbilad Al-Seef KWDBank AlbiladEquityKWD0.500.51.7-5.0add to basket
49[+]chartAlbilad Amwal USDBank AlbiladEquityUSD0.8512.727.640.5add to basket
50[+]chartAlbilad Asayil SARBank AlbiladEquitySAR0.669.626.290.7add to basket
51[+]chartAlbilad Murabaha SARBank AlbiladCommodity/EnergySAR1. to basket
52[+]chartAlManarah Conservative Growth PortfolioNCB Capital CompanyMixed AssetUSD1.310.01.06.0add to basket
53[+]chartAlManarah High Growth PortfolioNCB Capital CompanyMixed AssetUSD1.530.02.618.4add to basket
54[+]chartAlManarah Medium Growth PortfolioNCB Capital CompanyMixed AssetUSD1.410.01.711.7add to basket
55[+]chartAltaira Ethical Global High Dividend R USDVPB Finance SAEquityUSD144.226.013.4n/aadd to basket
56[+]chartAm Al-AminAmInvestment Services BerhadFixed InterestMYR1. to basket
57[+]chartAm Asean EquityAmInvestment Services BerhadEquityMYR0.516.16.316.1add to basket
58[+]chartAm Bon IslamAmInvestment Services BerhadFixed InterestMYR1.232.43.410.4add to basket
59[+]chartAm Commodities EquityAmInvestment Services BerhadCommodity/EnergyMYR1.112.68.527.3add to basket
60[+]chartAm Dynamic SukukAmInvestment Services BerhadFixed InterestMYR1.082.13.7n/aadd to basket
61[+]chartAm Fixed Income ConservativeAmInvestment Services BerhadFixed InterestMYR1.081.63.1n/aadd to basket
62[+]chartAm Global SukukAmInvestment Services BerhadFixed InterestMYR0.200.00.0n/aadd to basket
63[+]chartAm Islamic BalancedAmInvestment Services BerhadMixed AssetMYR0.404.28.736.7add to basket
64[+]chartAm Islamic Greater ChinaAmInvestment Services BerhadEquityMYR0.1410.13.5-5.8add to basket
65[+]chartAm Islamic GrowthAmInvestment Services BerhadEquityMYR0.473.210.855.9add to basket
66[+]chartAm IttikalAmInvestment Services BerhadEquityMYR0.721.810.646.8add to basket
67[+]chartAm Mateen Asia-Pacific EquityAmInvestment Services BerhadEquityUSD0. to basket
68[+]chartAm Namaa Asia Pacific Equity Growth MYRAmInvestment Services BerhadEquityMYR0.633.7-2.22.9add to basket
69[+]chartAm Oasis Global Islamic EquityAmInvestment Services BerhadEquityMYR1.072.77.841.0add to basket
70[+]chartAm Precious MetalsAmInvestment Services BerhadCommodity/EnergyMYR0.41-14.9-8.6-58.4add to basket
71[+]chartAm PRS Islamic Balanced DAmInvestment Services BerhadMixed AssetMYR0.523.3n/an/aadd to basket
72[+]chartAm PRS Islamic Equity DAmInvestment Services BerhadEquityMYR0.534.8n/an/aadd to basket
73[+]chartAm PRS Islamic Fixed Income DAmInvestment Services BerhadFixed InterestMYR0.512.1n/an/aadd to basket
74[+]chartAmanahRaya Cash ManagementAmanahRaya UT Mgmt Sdn BerhadMoney MarketMYR1. to basket
75[+]chartAmanahRaya Islamic Cash ManagementAmanahRaya UT Mgmt Sdn BerhadMoney MarketMYR0.981.52.98.7add to basket
76[+]chartAmanahRaya Islamic EquityAmanahRaya UT Mgmt Sdn BerhadEquityMYR0.703.74.325.9add to basket
77[+]chartAmanahRaya Syariah TrustAmanahRaya UT Mgmt Sdn BerhadFixed InterestMYR1.033.13.311.3add to basket
78[+]chartAMB Dana ARIFAmanah Mutual BerhadFixed InterestMYR0.582.65.214.6add to basket
79[+]chartAMB Dana IkhlasAmanah Mutual BerhadMixed AssetMYR0.592.29.328.2add to basket
80[+]chartAMB Dana NabeelAmanah Mutual BerhadMoney MarketMYR0.501.22.68.0add to basket
81[+]chartAMB Dana YakinAmanah Mutual BerhadEquityMYR0.674.712.251.7add to basket
82[+]chartAmundi Capital Islamic BRIC Quant CAmundiEquityUSD173.128.47.5-3.0add to basket
83[+]chartAmundi Capital Islamic Global Resources CAmundiCommodity/EnergyUSD131.577.214.033.9add to basket
84[+]chartAmundi Islamic Asia Pacific Quant C CapAmundiEquityUSD100.647.08.410.0add to basket
85[+]chartAnb Invest Al-Mubarak BalancedArab National BankMixed AssetUSD15.001.64.712.5add to basket
86[+]chartAnb Invest Al-Mubarak Global EquityArab National BankEquityUSD16.055.013.743.4add to basket
87[+]chartAnb Invest Al-Mubarak Pure Saudi EquityArab National BankEquitySAR8.7023.940.797.6add to basket
88[+]chartAnb Invest Al-Mubarak SAR TradeArab National BankCommodity/EnergySAR19. to basket
89[+]chartAnb Invest Al-Mubarak Saudi EquityArab National BankEquitySAR120.0223.345.491.3add to basket
90[+]chartAnb Invest Al-Mubarak USD TradeArab National BankCommodity/EnergyUSD17.920.20.41.2add to basket
91[+]chartApex Dana Al-Faiz-iApex Invest Services BerhadMixed AssetMYR0.254.43.537.2add to basket
92[+]chartApex Dana Al-KanzApex Invest Services BerhadMoney MarketMYR0.301.42.88.5add to basket
93[+]chartApex Dana Al-Sofi-iApex Invest Services BerhadEquityMYR0.272.27.339.8add to basket
94[+]chartApex Dana AslahApex Invest Services BerhadEquityMYR0.904.18.656.3add to basket
95[+]chartArab Bank IIAB Islamic MenaArab BankEquityUSD6.170.00.312.0add to basket
96[+]chartArab Bank IIAB MENA FeederArab BankEquityUSD5.930.00.39.4add to basket
97[+]chartArabesque SICAV Arabesque Prime USDIP Concept (Luxemburg) SAEquityUSD102.00102.00n/an/an/aadd to basket
98[+]chartArabesque SICAV Arabesque Systematic USDIP Concept (Luxemburg) SAEquityUSD102.71102.71n/an/an/aadd to basket
99[+]chartASM BalancedASM Investment Services BerhadMixed AssetMYR0.802.72.2n/aadd to basket
100[+]chartASM Syariah AggressiveASM Investment Services BerhadEquityMYR0.539.522.288.2add to basket