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648 funds
Rank ChartFund Group Focus Curr BidOffer6m 1y 3y  
1[+]chartAB Global Real Estate Securities Portfolio A USDAllianceBernstein (LUX) S.APropertyUSD22.858.213.832.4add to basket
2[+]chartAB India Growth Portfolio AX USDAllianceBernstein (LUX) S.AEquityUSD144.576.443.044.3add to basket
3[+]chartAB International Health Care Portfolio A USDAllianceBernstein (LUX) S.AEquityUSD265.6612.222.974.9add to basket
4[+]chartAB International Technology Portfolio A USDAllianceBernstein (LUX) S.AEquityUSD197.766.312.728.0add to basket
5[+]chartAB Thematic Research Portfolio A USDAllianceBernstein (LUX) S.AEquityUSD19.454.17.925.0add to basket
6[+]chartAB US High Yield Portfolio I2 USDAllianceBernstein (LUX) S.AFixed InterestUSD18.441.31.9n/aadd to basket
7[+]chartAB US Thematic Research Portfolio A USDAllianceBernstein (LUX) S.AEquityUSD16.248.814.152.7add to basket
8[+]chartAberdeen European Equity Z AccAberdeen Fund Managers LimitedEquityGBX170.1312.711.338.0add to basket
9[+]chartAberdeen Global TechnologyAberdeen Asset Mgt Asia LtdEquitySGD0.6512.215.331.8add to basket
10[+]chartAberdeen India Opportunities SGDAberdeen Asset Mgt Asia LtdEquitySGD3.2315.842.159.6add to basket
11[+]chartAmundi Absolute Macro Forex AE Cap EURAmundiFixed InterestEUR102.01-2.9-3.72.8add to basket
12[+]chartAmundi Bond Euro Aggregate AE Cap EURAmundiFixed InterestEUR136.726.512.431.5add to basket
13[+]chartAmundi Bond US Opportunistic Core Plus AU Cap USDAmundiFixed InterestUSD115.532.24.010.8add to basket
14[+]chartAmundi Cash EUR AE Cap EURAmundiMoney MarketEUR101. to basket
15[+]chartAmundi Convertible Europe AE Cap EURAmundiFixed InterestEUR127.949.38.127.8add to basket
16[+]chartAmundi Equity Euroland Small Cap AE Cap EURAmundiEquityEUR163.9022.316.676.0add to basket
17[+]chartAmundi Equity Global Gold Mines FU Cap USDAmundiCommodity/EnergyUSD29.71-16.7-24.6-63.3add to basket
18[+]chartAmundi Equity Global Luxury And Lifestyle AU Cap USDAmundiEquityUSD139.0410.314.329.9add to basket
19[+]chartAmundi Equity Japan Target AJ Cap JPYAmundiEquityJPY19,226.3413.330.080.7add to basket
20[+]chartAmundi Equity US Concentrated Core AE Cap EURAmundiEquityEUR205.6424.238.663.8add to basket
21[+]chartAmundi Equity US Relative Value AE Cap USDAmundiEquityUSD224.141.06.447.7add to basket
22[+]chartArgonaut Pan European Alpha I Acc EURArgonaut Capital PartnersEquityEUR2.1423.619.369.5add to basket
23[+]chartArgonaut Pan European Dividend Income I Acc EURArgonaut Capital PartnersEquityEUR1.8717.820.184.6add to basket
24[+]chartBarclays Wealth Global Beta Portfolio 2 A Acc GBPBarclaysMixed AssetGBP13.832.95.813.2add to basket
25[+]chartBarclays Wealth Global Beta Portfolio 3 A GBPBarclaysMixed AssetGBP12.853.36.916.8add to basket
26[+]chartBarclays Wealth Global Beta Portfolio 4 A Acc GBPBarclaysMixed AssetGBP15.073.77.919.9add to basket
27[+]chartBarclays Wealth GlobalBeta Portfolio 1 A Acc GBPBarclaysMixed AssetGBP13. to basket
28[+]chartBarclays Wealth GlobalBeta Portfolio 5 A Acc GBPBarclaysMixed AssetGBP17.814.49.322.9add to basket
29[+]chartBaring ASEAN Frontiers A NAV USDBaring Intl Fund Mgr (Ire) LtdEquityUSD189.25- to basket
30[+]chartBaring Australia NAV USDBaring Intl Fund Mgr (Ire) LtdEquityUSD118.290.8-4.35.4add to basket
31[+]chartBaring Eastern Europe NAV USDBaring Intl Fund Mgr (Ire) LtdEquityUSD65.88-21.3-22.2-33.7add to basket
32[+]chartBaring Europa A NAV USDBaring Intl Fund Mgr (Ire) LtdEquityUSD51.00-0.4-4.526.1add to basket
33[+]chartBaring Global Emerging Markets X Acc NAV USDBaring Intl Fund Mgr (Ire) LtdEquityUSD35.00-2.54.3-4.4add to basket
34[+]chartBaring Global Resources NAV USDBaring Intl Fund Mgr (Ire) LtdCommodity/EnergyUSD19.07-10.5-11.1-26.1add to basket
35[+]chartBaring High Yield Bond A Acc NAV USDBaring Intl Fund Mgr (Ire) LtdFixed InterestUSD13.34-1.7-1.015.6add to basket
36[+]chartBaring Hong Kong China A Acc NAV USDBaring Intl Fund Mgr (Ire) LtdEquityUSD959.888.317.619.2add to basket
37[+]chartBaring International Bond A NAV USDBaring Intl Fund Mgr (Ire) LtdFixed InterestUSD25.41-4.5-5.9-3.0add to basket
38[+]chartBaring Latin america A Inc NAV USDBaring Intl Fund Mgr (Ire) LtdEquityUSD32.48-22.4-18.1-33.7add to basket
39[+]chartBaring US Reserve NAVBaring Intl Fund Mgr (Ire) LtdMoney MarketUSD25.54-0.4-0.7-1.4add to basket
40[+]chartBirla Sun Life 95 B GthBirla SunlifeMixed AssetINR553.5312.942.583.0add to basket
41[+]chartBirla Sun Life Advantage BBirla SunlifeEquityINR288.1318.555.2107.3add to basket
42[+]chartBirla Sun Life Buy India BBirla SunlifeEquityINR91.2923.469.1137.0add to basket
43[+]chartBirla Sun Life Dividend Yield Plus B GthBirla SunlifeEquityINR138.008.042.363.9add to basket
44[+]chartBirla Sun Life Equity B GthBirla SunlifeEquityINR477.3112.751.1105.3add to basket
45[+]chartBirla Sun Life Equity Plan GthBirla SunlifeEquityINR26.9820.156.4109.8add to basket
46[+]chartBirla Sun Life Frontline Equity A GthBirla SunlifeEquityINR160.9710.740.396.8add to basket
47[+]chartBirla Sun Life Index B GthBirla SunlifeEquityINR81.864.925.759.2add to basket
48[+]chartBirla Sun Life India GenNext B GthBirla SunlifeEquityINR52.9821.553.1114.6add to basket
49[+]chartBirla Sun Life India Opportunities B GthBirla SunlifeEquityINR107.3611.553.4121.9add to basket
50[+]chartBirla Sun Life MIDCAP A GthBirla SunlifeEquityINR207.0920.066.4102.6add to basket
51[+]chartBirla Sun Life MNC BBirla SunlifeEquityINR565.7636.189.1151.9add to basket
52[+]chartBirla Sun Life New Millenium BBirla SunlifeEquityINR34.867.832.187.9add to basket
53[+]chartBlackRock Global Funds Asian Dragon A2 USDBlackRock (Luxembourg) S.A.EquityUSD33.824.813.331.5add to basket
54[+]chartBlackRock Global Funds Asian Tiger Bond A2 USDBlackRock (Luxembourg) S.A.Fixed InterestUSD36.483.59.018.3add to basket
55[+]chartBlackRock Global Funds Continental European Flexible A4RF GBPBlackRock (Luxembourg) S.A.EquityGBP15.1514.96.853.9add to basket
56[+]chartBlackRock Global Funds Emerging Europe A2 EURBlackRock (Luxembourg) S.A.EquityEUR84.30-1.18.2-10.1add to basket
57[+]chartBlackRock Global Funds Emerging Markets A2 USDBlackRock (Luxembourg) S.A.EquityUSD28.65-6.30.4-3.6add to basket
58[+]chartBlackRock Global Funds Emerging Markets Bond A1 USDBlackRock (Luxembourg) S.A.Fixed InterestUSD9.691.35.813.6add to basket
59[+]chartBlackRock Global Funds Emerging Markets Local Currency Bond A2 USDBlackRock (Luxembourg) S.A.Fixed InterestUSD22.44-9.4-9.1-15.4add to basket
60[+]chartBlackRock Global Funds Euro Bond A2 EURBlackRock (Luxembourg) S.A.Fixed InterestEUR28.205.711.627.5add to basket
61[+]chartBlackRock Global Funds Euro Corporate Bond A2 EURBlackRock (Luxembourg) S.A.Fixed InterestEUR15.653.17.220.6add to basket
62[+]chartBlackRock Global Funds Euro Markets A2 EURBlackRock (Luxembourg) S.A.EquityEUR26.8721.215.365.5add to basket
63[+]chartBlackRock Global Funds Euro Short Duration Bond A2 EURBlackRock (Luxembourg) S.A.Fixed InterestEUR15.890.82.38.6add to basket
64[+]chartBlackRock Global Funds European A2 EURBlackRock (Luxembourg) S.A.EquityEUR119.4320.219.858.0add to basket
65[+]chartBlackRock Global Funds European Focus A2 Hedged USDBlackRock (Luxembourg) S.A.EquityUSD12.8920.718.3n/aadd to basket
66[+]chartBlackRock Global Funds European Special Situations A2 EURBlackRock (Luxembourg) S.A.EquityEUR36.9925.625.169.4add to basket
67[+]chartBlackRock Global Funds European Value A2 EURBlackRock (Luxembourg) S.A.EquityEUR67.1817.719.077.3add to basket
68[+]chartBlackRock Global Funds Fixed Income Global Opportunities A2 USDBlackRock (Luxembourg) S.A.Fixed InterestUSD13.341.32.914.2add to basket
69[+]chartBlackRock Global Funds Flexible Multi Asset A2 EURBlackRock (Luxembourg) S.A.Mixed AssetEUR14.7110.318.629.7add to basket
70[+]chartBlackRock Global Funds Global Allocation A2 USDBlackRock (Luxembourg) S.A.Mixed AssetUSD51. to basket
71[+]chartBlackRock Global Funds Global Corporate Bond A2 USDBlackRock (Luxembourg) S.A.Fixed InterestUSD12.752.65.818.3add to basket
72[+]chartBlackRock Global Funds Global Dynamic Equity A2 EURBlackRock (Luxembourg) S.A.EquityEUR15.8521.338.264.2add to basket
73[+]chartBlackRock Global Funds Global Enhanced Equity Yield A2 USDBlackRock (Luxembourg) S.A.EquityUSD12.013.47.718.7add to basket
74[+]chartBlackRock Global Funds Global Equity A4RF GBPBlackRock (Luxembourg) S.A.EquityGBP5.0912.416.727.9add to basket
75[+]chartBlackRock Global Funds Global Government Bond A2 USDBlackRock (Luxembourg) S.A.Fixed InterestUSD27.563.86.916.2add to basket
76[+]chartBlackRock Global Funds Global High Yield Bond A2 USDBlackRock (Luxembourg) S.A.Fixed InterestUSD21.570.21.022.0add to basket
77[+]chartBlackRock Global Funds Global Opportunities A2 USDBlackRock (Luxembourg) S.A.EquityUSD43.733.82.930.7add to basket
78[+]chartBlackRock Global Funds Global SmallCap A2 USDBlackRock (Luxembourg) S.A.EquityUSD89.552.00.438.8add to basket
79[+]chartBlackRock Global Funds India A2 USDBlackRock (Luxembourg) S.A.EquityUSD29.648.637.245.2add to basket
80[+]chartBlackRock Global Funds Japan Flexible Equity A2 USDBlackRock (Luxembourg) S.A.EquityUSD11.273.47.528.1add to basket
81[+]chartBlackRock Global Funds Japan Small & MidCap Opportunities A2 USDBlackRock (Luxembourg) S.A.EquityUSD50.291.59.937.1add to basket
82[+]chartBlackRock Global Funds Latin American A2 USDBlackRock (Luxembourg) S.A.EquityUSD57.30-23.2-17.5-36.2add to basket
83[+]chartBlackRock Global Funds New Energy A2 USDBlackRock (Luxembourg) S.A.Commodity/EnergyUSD7.90-1.7-4.218.4add to basket
84[+]chartBlackRock Global Funds Pacific Equity A2 EURBlackRock (Luxembourg) S.A.EquityEUR31.9520.940.566.1add to basket
85[+]chartBlackRock Global Funds United Kingdom A2 GBPBlackRock (Luxembourg) S.A.EquityGBP83. to basket
86[+]chartBlackRock Global Funds US Basic Value A2 USDBlackRock (Luxembourg) S.A.EquityUSD75.913.18.647.3add to basket
87[+]chartBlackRock Global Funds US Dollar Core Bond A2 USDBlackRock (Luxembourg) S.A.Fixed InterestUSD30.783.05.312.1add to basket
88[+]chartBlackRock Global Funds US Dollar High Yield Bond A2 USDBlackRock (Luxembourg) S.A.Fixed InterestUSD28.430.10.720.2add to basket
89[+]chartBlackRock Global Funds US Dollar Reserve A2 USDBlackRock (Luxembourg) S.A.Money MarketUSD150.820.00.00.0add to basket
90[+]chartBlackRock Global Funds US Flexible Equity A2 USDBlackRock (Luxembourg) S.A.EquityUSD25.424.39.442.4add to basket
91[+]chartBlackRock Global Funds US Government Mortgage A2 USDBlackRock (Luxembourg) S.A.Fixed InterestUSD18.452.24.86.8add to basket
92[+]chartBlackRock Global Funds US Growth A2RF USDBlackRock (Luxembourg) S.A.EquityUSD14.628.714.741.7add to basket
93[+]chartBlackRock Global Funds US Small & Mid Cap Opportunities A2 USDBlackRock (Luxembourg) S.A.EquityUSD195.4710.315.253.9add to basket
94[+]chartBlackRock Global Funds USD Short Duration Bond A2 USDBlackRock (Luxembourg) S.A.Fixed InterestUSD12.830.20.95.3add to basket
95[+]chartBlackRock Global Funds World Bond A1 USDBlackRock (Luxembourg) S.A.Fixed InterestUSD55.773.26.114.5add to basket
96[+]chartBlackRock Global Funds World Energy A2 USDBlackRock (Luxembourg) S.A.Commodity/EnergyUSD20.08-20.2-18.7-16.7add to basket
97[+]chartBlackRock Global Funds World Financials A2RF USDBlackRock (Luxembourg) S.A.EquityUSD21.952.83.441.0add to basket
98[+]chartBlackRock Global Funds World Gold A2RF USDBlackRock (Luxembourg) S.A.Commodity/EnergyUSD24.46-11.9-16.4-55.9add to basket
99[+]chartBlackRock Global Funds World Healthscience E2 USDBlackRock (Luxembourg) S.A.EquityUSD34.0315.627.2100.6add to basket
100[+]chartBlackRock Global Funds World Mining A2 USDBlackRock (Luxembourg) S.A.Commodity/EnergyUSD32.68-22.2-26.5-50.6add to basket