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India Mutual / Prices & Performance

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1443 funds
Rank ChartFund Group Focus Curr BidOffer6m 1y 3y  
1[+]chartAIG India Equity GthAIG Investments Fund Mgt LtdEquityINR24.8025.674.8102.5add to basket
2[+]chartAIG India Liquid Retail Monthly DivAIG Investments Fund Mgt LtdMoney MarketINR1,038.503.37.320.3add to basket
3[+]chartAIG India Liquid Standard Plan Monthly DivAIG Investments Fund Mgt LtdMoney MarketINR1,001.423.37.3n/aadd to basket
4[+]chartAIG India Treasury Standard Plan Quarterly DivAIG Investments Fund Mgt LtdMoney MarketINR1,046.568.713.5n/aadd to basket
5[+]chartAIG Infrastructure and Economic Reform Ret GthAIG Investments Fund Mgt LtdEquityINR15.7822.590.384.5add to basket
6[+]chartAIG Short Term GthAIG Investments Fund Mgt LtdFixed InterestINR1,695.204.99.828.4add to basket
7[+]chartAIG Treasury Retail GthAIG Investments Fund Mgt LtdMoney MarketINR1,762.918.914.129.9add to basket
8[+]chartAIG World Gold GthAIG Investments Fund Mgt LtdCommodity/EnergyINR8.87-18.9-15.8-42.4add to basket
9[+]chartAXIS Banking Debt Direct Plan GthAXIS BankMixed AssetINR1,271.374.59.7n/aadd to basket
10[+]chartAXIS Capital Protection Oriented S4 GthAXIS BankFixed InterestINR14.373.426.434.2add to basket
11[+]chartAXIS Capital Protection Oriented S5 GthAXIS BankMixed AssetINR14.157.529.3n/aadd to basket
12[+]chartAXIS Constant Maturity 10 Year GthAXIS BankFixed InterestINR12.4510.217.023.9add to basket
13[+]chartAXIS Dynamic Bond GthAXIS BankFixed InterestINR14.209.415.131.5add to basket
14[+]chartAXIS Equity GthAXIS BankEquityINR19.9714.249.695.6add to basket
15[+]chartAXIS Fixed Term Plan Series 41 (546 Days) Direct Plan GthAXIS BankFixed InterestINR11.354.59.8n/aadd to basket
16[+]chartAXIS Fixed Term Plan Series 42 (552 Days) Direct Plan GthAXIS BankFixed InterestINR11.254.59.6n/aadd to basket
17[+]chartAXIS Fixed Term Plan Series 43-511 Days Direct Plan GthAXIS BankFixed InterestINR11.174.69.9n/aadd to basket
18[+]chartAXIS Fixed Term Plan Series 47 (483 Days) Direct Plan GthAXIS BankFixed InterestINR11.084.69.9n/aadd to basket
19[+]chartAXIS Fixed Term Plan Series 48 (3 Years) Direct Plan GthAXIS BankFixed InterestINR11.245.511.9n/aadd to basket
20[+]chartAXIS Fixed Term Plan Series 49 (437 Days) Direct Plan GthAXIS BankFixed InterestINR11.034.59.7n/aadd to basket
21[+]chartAXIS Fixed Term Plan Series 52 (428 Days) Regular Plan Quarterly DividendAXIS BankFixed InterestINR10.274.29.2n/aadd to basket
22[+]chartAXIS Fixed Term Plan Series 53 (1150 Days) Direct Plan GthAXIS BankFixed InterestINR11.196.011.7n/aadd to basket
23[+]chartAXIS Focused 25 GthAXIS BankFixed InterestINR18.1919.751.2n/aadd to basket
24[+]chartAXIS Gold Exchange TradedAXIS BankCommodity/EnergyINR2,517.45-4.8-11.0-9.7add to basket
25[+]chartAXIS Gold GthAXIS BankCommodity/EnergyINR9.29-5.4-15.2-13.5add to basket
26[+]chartAXIS Hybrid Series 5 Direct Plan GthAXIS BankMixed AssetINR13.466.627.4n/aadd to basket
27[+]chartAXIS Hybrid Series 7 Direct Plan GthAXIS BankMixed AssetINR13.829.030.2n/aadd to basket
28[+]chartAXIS Hybrid Series 8 -1279 Days Direct Plan GthAXIS BankMixed AssetINR12.599.425.2n/aadd to basket
29[+]chartAXIS Income GthAXIS BankMixed AssetINR13.289.716.2n/aadd to basket
30[+]chartAXIS Income Saver GthAXIS BankMixed AssetINR15.207.722.141.7add to basket
31[+]chartAXIS Liquid GthAXIS BankMoney MarketINR1,536.754.49.030.4add to basket
32[+]chartAXIS Long Term Equity Direct Plan GthAXIS BankEquityINR31.6123.377.2n/aadd to basket
33[+]chartAXIS Midcap GthAXIS BankEquityINR25.2220.685.6153.5add to basket
34[+]chartAXIS Short Term GthAXIS BankFixed InterestINR14.995.310.430.1add to basket
35[+]chartAXIS Small Cap Direct Plan GthAXIS BankEquityINR19.5921.292.6n/aadd to basket
36[+]chartAXIS Tax Saver GthAXIS BankEquityINR30.7622.374.4150.5add to basket
37[+]chartAXIS Treasury Advantage GthAXIS BankMoney MarketINR1,538.354.18.730.2add to basket
38[+]chartAXIS Triple Advantage GthAXIS BankMixed AssetINR15.328.718.737.1add to basket
39[+]chartBaroda Pioneer Balanced GthBaroda PioneerMixed AssetINR43.5710.436.959.5add to basket
40[+]chartBaroda Pioneer Banking and Financial Services GthBaroda PioneerEquityINR16.7520.975.6n/aadd to basket
41[+]chartBaroda Pioneer Dynamic Bond GthBaroda PioneerFixed InterestINR12.9910.417.9n/aadd to basket
42[+]chartBaroda Pioneer ELSS 96Baroda PioneerEquityINR32.4010.546.972.1add to basket
43[+]chartBaroda Pioneer Fixed Maturity Plan Series E Plan A GthBaroda PioneerFixed InterestINR11.574.89.8n/aadd to basket
44[+]chartBaroda Pioneer Fixed Maturity Plan Series J Plan A GthBaroda PioneerFixed InterestINR11.094.29.5n/aadd to basket
45[+]chartBaroda Pioneer Gilt GthBaroda PioneerFixed InterestINR21.9810.317.833.5add to basket
46[+]chartBaroda Pioneer Growth GthBaroda PioneerEquityINR80.5518.356.676.1add to basket
47[+]chartBaroda Pioneer Income GthBaroda PioneerFixed InterestINR21.909.617.031.4add to basket
48[+]chartBaroda Pioneer Infrastructure GthBaroda PioneerEquityINR11.9611.469.652.7add to basket
49[+]chartBaroda Pioneer Liquid GthBaroda PioneerMoney MarketINR2,381. to basket
50[+]chartBaroda Pioneer Monthly Income Plan GthBaroda PioneerMixed AssetINR18.558.818.536.0add to basket
51[+]chartBaroda Pioneer PSU Equity GthBaroda PioneerEquityINR8.833.357.718.8add to basket
52[+]chartBaroda Pioneer Public Sector Undertaking Bond GthBaroda PioneerFixed InterestINR14.815.410.329.9add to basket
53[+]chartBaroda Pioneer Short Term Bond GthBaroda PioneerMoney MarketINR14.374.610.329.4add to basket
54[+]chartBaroda Pioneer Treasury Advantage Reg GthBaroda PioneerMoney MarketINR1,561.164.08.730.1add to basket
55[+]chartBharti AXA Equity Reg BonBharti AXAEquityINR29.0412.649.278.1add to basket
56[+]chartBharti AXA Focused Infrastructure GthBharti AXAEquityINR12.5614.470.953.2add to basket
57[+]chartBharti AXA Liquid Retail GthBharti AXAMoney MarketINR1,595.404.38.929.3add to basket
58[+]chartBharti AXA Regular Return ECO Plan Monthly DivBharti AXAEquityINR15.117.517.437.0add to basket
59[+]chartBharti AXA Short Term Income Ret GthBharti AXAFixed InterestINR14.915.310.126.6add to basket
60[+]chartBharti AXA Tax Advantage Reg DivBharti AXAEquityINR20.4417.751.788.4add to basket
61[+]chartBharti AXA Treasury Advantage Ret GthBharti AXAMoney MarketINR1,629.784.49.429.5add to basket
62[+]chartBirla Interval Income Annual Plan V Direct Plan GthBirla SunlifeFixed InterestINR11.824.59.2n/aadd to basket
63[+]chartBirla Rajiv Gandhi Equity Savings Scheme Series 1 Direct Plan GthBirla SunlifeEquityINR17.0719.754.8n/aadd to basket
64[+]chartBirla Sun Life 95 B GthBirla SunlifeMixed AssetINR569.7618.855.989.3add to basket
65[+]chartBirla Sun Life Advantage BBirla SunlifeEquityINR295.9324.773.0110.8add to basket
66[+]chartBirla Sun Life Asset Allocation Aggressive Plan GthBirla SunlifeMixed AssetINR53.8318.845.867.3add to basket
67[+]chartBirla Sun Life Asset Allocation Conservative Plan GthBirla SunlifeMixed AssetINR30.4414.526.742.2add to basket
68[+]chartBirla Sun Life Asset Allocation Moderate Plan GthBirla SunlifeMixed AssetINR44.3317.237.558.1add to basket
69[+]chartBirla Sun Life Banking and Financial Services Direct Plan GthBirla SunlifeEquityINR17.4928.380.9n/aadd to basket
70[+]chartBirla Sun Life Buy India BBirla SunlifeEquityINR92.3030.581.2145.7add to basket
71[+]chartBirla Sun Life Capital Protection Oriented Series 10 GthBirla SunlifeMixed AssetINR13.186.315.7n/aadd to basket
72[+]chartBirla Sun Life Capital Protection Oriented Series 11 GthBirla SunlifeMixed AssetINR12.666.315.6n/aadd to basket
73[+]chartBirla Sun Life Capital Protection Oriented Series 12 GthBirla SunlifeEquityINR15.149.232.2n/aadd to basket
74[+]chartBirla Sun Life Capital Protection Oriented Series 13 GthBirla SunlifeMixed AssetINR14.669.533.3n/aadd to basket
75[+]chartBirla Sun Life Capital Protection Oriented Series 14 GthBirla SunlifeMixed AssetINR13.818.930.5n/aadd to basket
76[+]chartBirla Sun Life Capital Protection Oriented Series 16 Direct Plan GthBirla SunlifeMixed AssetINR12.127.718.7n/aadd to basket
77[+]chartBirla Sun Life Capital Protection Oriented Series 17 Direct Plan GthBirla SunlifeMixed AssetINR12.077.719.1n/aadd to basket
78[+]chartBirla Sun Life Capital Protection Oriented Series 9 GthBirla SunlifeMixed AssetINR13.146.015.3n/aadd to basket
79[+]chartBirla Sun Life Cash Manager B GthBirla SunlifeMoney MarketINR333. to basket
80[+]chartBirla Sun Life Cash Plus Ret GthBirla SunlifeMoney MarketINR361. to basket
81[+]chartBirla Sun Life Commodities Equities Global Agri Ret GthBirla SunlifeCommodity/EnergyINR21.304.99.731.5add to basket
82[+]chartBirla Sun Life Dividend Yield Plus B GthBirla SunlifeEquityINR145.7716.363.375.7add to basket
83[+]chartBirla Sun Life Dynamic Bond Quarterly GthBirla SunlifeFixed InterestINR24.279.916.135.8add to basket
84[+]chartBirla Sun Life Enhanced Arbitrage Ret DivBirla SunlifeMixed AssetINR10.894.29.028.0add to basket
85[+]chartBirla Sun Life Equity B GthBirla SunlifeEquityINR494.4317.970.2114.3add to basket
86[+]chartBirla Sun Life Equity Plan GthBirla SunlifeEquityINR27.7526.269.5117.8add to basket
87[+]chartBirla Sun Life Fixed Term Plan - Series JY (367 days) Direct Plan GthBirla SunlifeFixed InterestINR11.024.59.8n/aadd to basket
88[+]chartBirla Sun Life Fixed Term Plan Corporate Bond Series A (1170 days) Direct Plan GthBirla SunlifeFixed InterestINR11.326.213.6n/aadd to basket
89[+]chartBirla Sun Life Fixed Term Plan Corporate Bond Series B (1168 days) Direct Plan GthBirla SunlifeFixed InterestINR11.286.112.8n/aadd to basket
90[+]chartBirla Sun Life Fixed Term Plan Series EH GthBirla SunlifeFixed InterestINR12.933.48.829.7add to basket
91[+]chartBirla Sun Life Fixed Term Plan Series EN GthBirla SunlifeFixed InterestINR13.245.711.731.5add to basket
92[+]chartBirla Sun Life Fixed Term Plan Series ER GthBirla SunlifeFixed InterestINR12.954.29.5n/aadd to basket
93[+]chartBirla Sun Life Fixed Term Plan Series FB GthBirla SunlifeFixed InterestINR13.134.610.0n/aadd to basket
94[+]chartBirla Sun Life Fixed Term Plan Series FE GthBirla SunlifeFixed InterestINR12.874.29.6n/aadd to basket
95[+]chartBirla Sun Life Fixed Term Plan Series FW GthBirla SunlifeFixed InterestINR12.394.29.4n/aadd to basket
96[+]chartBirla Sun Life Fixed Term Plan Series FX GthBirla SunlifeFixed InterestINR12.284.39.5n/aadd to basket
97[+]chartBirla Sun Life Fixed Term Plan Series FZ GthBirla SunlifeFixed InterestINR12.084.29.3n/aadd to basket
98[+]chartBirla Sun Life Fixed Term Plan Series GC 851 days GthBirla SunlifeFixed InterestINR12.014.49.5n/aadd to basket
99[+]chartBirla Sun Life Fixed Term Plan Series GI 1185 days Direct GthBirla SunlifeFixed InterestINR12.085.111.1n/aadd to basket
100[+]chartBirla Sun Life Fixed Term Plan Series HC 618 days Direct Plan GthBirla SunlifeFixed InterestINR11.584.49.7n/aadd to basket