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Group factsheet / Fidelity (FIL(Luxembourg)SA)

Fidelity (FIL(Luxembourg)SA)

Group details Fund types managed
ManagerGroupLogo FIL (Luxembourg) S.A.,2a, rue Albert Borschette,BP 2174, L-1021,Luxembourg
Ph: 80022088
Fax: #352 26 38 39 38
left GCC Offshore
100 Funds Managed
RankFund 3yr(%) FE Crown rating Primary asset class 
1Fidelity America-5Equityadd to basket
2Fidelity American Growth68.953Equityadd to basket
3Fidelity ASEAN27.294Equityadd to basket
4Fidelity Asia Pacific Property37.60SSPropertyadd to basket
5Fidelity Asian Aggressive38.583Equityadd to basket
6Fidelity Asian Bond15.81SSFixed Interestadd to basket
7Fidelity Asian High Yield25.83SSFixed Interestadd to basket
8Fidelity Asian Smaller Companies-SHEquityadd to basket
9Fidelity Asian Special Situations29.754Equityadd to basket
10Fidelity Australia52.66SSEquityadd to basket
11Fidelity China Consumer43.123Equityadd to basket
12Fidelity China Focus23.85SSEquityadd to basket
13Fidelity China Opportunities25.78SSEquityadd to basket
14Fidelity China RMB Bond-SHFixed Interestadd to basket
15Fidelity Core Euro Bond25.56SSFixed Interestadd to basket
16Fidelity Emerging Asia23.992Equityadd to basket
17Fidelity Emerging Europe Middle East & Africa20.834Equityadd to basket
18Fidelity Emerging Market Corporate Debt-SHFixed Interestadd to basket
19Fidelity Emerging Market Debt20.085Fixed Interestadd to basket
20Fidelity Emerging Market Local Currency Debt-SHFixed Interestadd to basket
21Fidelity Emerging Markets25.564Equityadd to basket
22Fidelity Emerging Markets Inflation Linked Bond-SHFixed Interestadd to basket
23Fidelity Euro Balanced53.215Mixed Assetadd to basket
24Fidelity Euro Blue Chip73.273Equityadd to basket
25Fidelity Euro Bond25.87SSFixed Interestadd to basket
26Fidelity Euro Cash0.12SSMoney Marketadd to basket
27Fidelity Euro Corporate Bond27.21SSFixed Interestadd to basket
28Fidelity Euro Short Term Bond9.70SSFixed Interestadd to basket
29Fidelity Euro Stoxx 5066.991Equityadd to basket
30Fidelity European60.542Equityadd to basket
31Fidelity European Aggressive55.351Equityadd to basket
32Fidelity European Dividend55.674Equityadd to basket
33Fidelity European Dynamic Growth62.743Equityadd to basket
34Fidelity European Growth57.811Equityadd to basket
35Fidelity European High Yield39.73SSFixed Interestadd to basket
36Fidelity European Larger Companies70.194Equityadd to basket
37Fidelity European Smaller Companies55.582Equityadd to basket
38Fidelity European Value54.47SHEquityadd to basket
39Fidelity FPS Global Growth53.853Equityadd to basket
40Fidelity FPS Growth63.753Equityadd to basket
41Fidelity FPS Moderate Growth38.514Mixed Assetadd to basket
42Fidelity France61.903Equityadd to basket
43Fidelity Germany75.024Equityadd to basket
44Fidelity Global Consumer Industries66.535Equityadd to basket
45Fidelity Global Corporate Bond16.273Fixed Interestadd to basket
46Fidelity Global Demographics-SHEquityadd to basket
47Fidelity Global Dividend-SHEquityadd to basket
48Fidelity Global Financial Services72.01SSEquityadd to basket
49Fidelity Global Focus-3Equityadd to basket
50Fidelity Global Health Care92.44SSEquityadd to basket
51Fidelity Global High Grade Income-4.671Fixed Interestadd to basket
52Fidelity Global High Yield Focus-SHFixed Interestadd to basket
53Fidelity Global Income-SHFixed Interestadd to basket
54Fidelity Global Industrials33.351Equityadd to basket
55Fidelity Global Inflation Linked Bond-0.721Fixed Interestadd to basket
56Fidelity Global Multi Asset Income-SHMixed Assetadd to basket
57Fidelity Global Opportunities45.205Equityadd to basket
58Fidelity Global Property-SHPropertyadd to basket
59Fidelity Global Real Asset Securities27.271Equityadd to basket
60Fidelity Global Strategic Bond1.952Fixed Interestadd to basket
61Fidelity Global Technology74.265Equityadd to basket
62Fidelity Global Telecommunications45.823Equityadd to basket
63Fidelity Greater China42.18SSEquityadd to basket
64Fidelity Growth & Income21.562Mixed Assetadd to basket
65Fidelity Iberia69.614Equityadd to basket
66Fidelity India Focus29.302Equityadd to basket
67Fidelity Indonesia5.781Equityadd to basket
68Fidelity International55.684Equityadd to basket
69Fidelity International Bond3.122Fixed Interestadd to basket
70Fidelity Italy80.853Equityadd to basket
71Fidelity Japan-1Equityadd to basket
72Fidelity Japan Advantage66.381Equityadd to basket
73Fidelity Japan Smaller Companies81.70SSEquityadd to basket
74Fidelity Korea11.34SSEquityadd to basket
75Fidelity Latin America-3.155Equityadd to basket
76Fidelity Malaysia32.743Equityadd to basket
77Fidelity Multi Asset Strategic16.612Mixed Assetadd to basket
78Fidelity Multi Asset Strategic Defensive14.392Mixed Assetadd to basket
79Fidelity Nordic90.825Equityadd to basket
80Fidelity Pacific52.84SSEquityadd to basket
81Fidelity Singapore27.692Equityadd to basket
82Fidelity South East Asia-2Equityadd to basket
83Fidelity Sterling Bond13.12SSFixed Interestadd to basket
84Fidelity Switzerland77.255Equityadd to basket
85Fidelity Taiwan42.913Equityadd to basket
86Fidelity Target TM 2015 (Euro)33.942Mixed Assetadd to basket
87Fidelity Target TM 202048.885Mixed Assetadd to basket
88Fidelity Target TM 2020 (Euro)44.963Mixed Assetadd to basket
89Fidelity Target TM 2025 (Euro)50.933Mixed Assetadd to basket
90Fidelity Target TM 2030 (Euro)56.324Mixed Assetadd to basket
91Fidelity Target TM 2035 (Euro)58.505Mixed Assetadd to basket
92Fidelity Target TM 2040 (Euro)58.534Mixed Assetadd to basket
93Fidelity TargetTM 2045 (Euro)-SHMixed Assetadd to basket
94Fidelity TargetTM 2050 (Euro)-SHMixed Assetadd to basket
95Fidelity Thailand56.773Equityadd to basket
96Fidelity United Kingdom52.263Equityadd to basket
97Fidelity US Dollar Bond9.90SSFixed Interestadd to basket
98Fidelity US Dollar Cash0.15SSMoney Marketadd to basket
99Fidelity US High Yield28.87SSFixed Interestadd to basket
100Fidelity World73.063Equityadd to basket